Which Of The Following Statements Is True Of A Scientific Theory?


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There is a whole list of statements which can all be regarded as true of scientific theories. As the statements referred to in the question have not been listed, this answer is a little difficult to formulate as a direct response. The following statements regarding scientific theory have therefore been listed as examples of true statements, in the hope that some of them may be found on the original list.

  • A scientific theory consists of a group of concepts and abstractions regarding observable phenomena which are expressed in combination with rules or scientific laws, expressing relationships between observed concepts as quantifiable properties. Scientific theories are constructed to conform to empirical data that is available regarding such observations. The theories are put forth in shape of principles, or bodies of principles in order to explain classes of phenomena.
  • A scientific theory represents an inductive theory in as much that its content, such as empirical data for instance, can be expressed within a formal logical system with its axioms based on elementary rules or scientific laws. Within deductive theories, any sentence presenting a logical result or consequence of either one or several of the relevant axioms is equally a sentence of the theory.
  • Scientific theories are constructed in order to predict, explain and master phenomena, and can be regarded as models of reality; their statements represent axioms within a relevant system. The goal of the said construction is to generate a formal system based on the only applicable model, namely reality. The world as a whole is a model, or an interpretation, of scientific theories only as long as the sciences remain true.
In the hope that this is of some help, here is a final thought: It is harder to prove a theory as being correct than it is to disprove it.

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