What Is The Geographical Importance Of Pakistan?


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Pakistan in Asia has much geographical importance because of its strategic location. Firstly, Pakistan has all features of nature like sea, deserts, mountains, rivers. Secondly, in this region there are four seasons; summer, winter, autumn and spring. Pakistan shares its borders with very prominent countries in the world like India, China, Afghanistan and Iran. Land lock countries do not have route for the transportation of goods by sea therefore, Pakistan also provides sea transportation to some countries. Interestingly, Pakistan is a Muslim country and it is located in the chain of the Muslim countries therefore, it is also known as "Center of Muslim World".

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Pakistan is bordered with Afghanistan, Iran, China and India. The geographical location makes Pakistan a gold sparrow. The trade is so easy as Pakistan has sea and dry ports. Pakistan is a mixture of landscapes varying from plains to deserts, forests, hills and plateaus. The greatest mountains range of Karakorum is also in Pakistan meeting it with China.  The climate is rich for the agriculture. You find every kind of vegetables, fruits, wheat, minerals etc in Pakistan.

For more details about it's geographical importance, you should visit this link
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Pakistan was created with the division of India on the midnight of 14/15 August,1947.Pakistan has been a rather unstable economy since ever with democracy being only a dream till date.
In the present times, its mostly highlighted with its nearness and 'animosity' with neighboring countries.Pakistan is very much hit by poverty, illiteracy especially among women, and rapid population growth.Its geographical location is of extreme strategic importance and it has been gaining more so with issues of infiltration. Two resourceful articles on its geography:

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About temperature of pakistan
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Man pakistan has a very good position

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