What Is The Geographical Location Of Chile?


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Chile is in the shape of a thin narrow piece of land, stretching down the coast of Southern South America and this is quite visible when one looks at the map of Chile. It is situated between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and fits perfectly between the two.

Including the Antarctic territory and the metropolitan region, Chile is distributed in to twelve regions all together due to political reasons. Chile stretches to about a 4.300 km and is about 180 km wide with harbors and they make up one of America's best landscape. They have a variety of climate ranging from humid tropical weather conditions to rainy ones. They have the Sahara desert in the north, Alpine district in the southern side, Norway in the lower south and California in the center.

Spanish is the official language spoken in Chile, due to the highly populated Spanish living there. Their currency is the Chilean peso.
This country is populated with a mixture of European and natives from other origins which still give the country a traditional touch to it. The amazing part about Chile is that it has the highest literacy rate amongst all Latin America. Most of the population of Chileans is Roman Catholic; however there is no restriction for liberty of religious term here.

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