What Is The Name Of The Famous Valley In California National Park That Was Formed By A Glacier?


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Many of California's valleys formed from glaciers. Yosemite Valley is probably the most obvious example of this phenomenon, and can be found in Yosemite National Park.

The formation of Yosemite Valley
If we go back one million years, the landscape of Yosemite Valley would have been very different. For starters, it wouldn't have even been considered a valley.

Instead, the high-altitude meadows of Yosemite would have been the perfect place for snow and ice to stack up and accumulate, forming glaciers.

Over the years, this ice and snow would have gradually slid downwards, cutting a U-shape into the scenery. This U-shape is what we now know as Yosemite Valley.

Because much of California would have shared the same climate and altitude, glaciers would have formed in various locations.

Each of these glaciers would then have slipped away, leaving a smooth downward curve in the rock - effectively, a valley.

You can read more about the formation of Yosemite Valley right here.
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Lake McDonald Valley, the Saint Mary Valley, there are many glacier valleys... Last but not least, Yosemite Valley.

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