It Has Become Increasingly Popular To Label Products As "Green" Or "Earth Friendly". Why Might Such Terms Be Misleading?


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I would say it is somewhat misleading because even if the product was made in the cleanest way possible there are still the diesel and gasoline used to transport the materials to the retailers as well as the waste of the containers which will probably be thrown away and end up in a landfill.
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I love this question. There is always a tradeoff. Where I work, we are promoting digital newsletters. "Go Green!" we put in all our advertising. "Save energy! Save trees!" Well, you're using plenty of energy by reading online, and then when computers have to be disposed of, that junks up the environment, too. I think it's very misleading to say you're "going green" when in fact we do very little to protect the environment. I'm eager to see what others have to say on this topic. Thanks for asking it!
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"greenwashing" for is big business these days.  For many companies a product is produced and make some claim that is it kind to the environment to increase sales and try and make out there are eco-consious to cater for customers who activists or not, have become more aware about taking care of the enviroment and climate change.  Most of the time the green gimmik usually taken in by people who are less knowledgable about green issues and more likely to make less thought out choices.  It is usualy a big dilema sometimes  recycled plastic verses so-called biodegradable.  Sure deodorant brought out a compressed packaged can of spray deodorant trying to claim its better for the environment due to the reduction of packaging.  Be aware of Greenwashing.  Look for certified products and be aware of Sustainable or certified palm oil.  I not quite sure if there is such a thing.  Greenwashing only works if the customer isnt aware and try and make choices that just beneifts the company. 

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oh yeah, quit the plastic. I am not an expert I just like animals they eat plastic.
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I have bought a organic cotton top made in asia.......#EcoNewbie
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Join a transition town group where everything is brought into community based projects like craft and produce markets, growing of food, crafts etc etc or live off the grid in a self-sufficent way like a hermit on a organic farmsted. Or if you are vegan just grow vegetables and plant based proteins and only buy in you cannot make or grow or produce - like coconut oil and other oils etc.
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For many companies, it is the way to gain popularity, become well know, and improve sales rates. In reality, only a small amount of companies, organizations can be called "green." And I think that it's great that they exist and I hope than soon eco and green lifestyle will become more popular. First of all, it will help us and the planet we live on. Also, "eco-friendly" things are lifesavers for those who have health issues. I'm allergic, and it usually gets pretty bad at night and I can't sleep well. I found this site that reviews different types of bamboo mattress. There I found the best options and more info about bamboo products. Bamboo mattresses are natural, antibacterial, and breathable, which can provide you with quality sleep. And the difference was noticeable because now, it's easier for me to fall asleep, and my sleep quality drastically increased.

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