How Long Does It Take The Earth To Orbit The Sun Once?


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Well it takes 365 days...2 get around the sun
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NASA's answer:

Earth takes 365 days 6 hours 9 minutes 9.54 seconds to circle the sun.
This length of time is called a sidereal year. Because Earth does not
spin a whole number of times as it goes around the sun, the calendar
gets out of step with the seasons by about 6 hours each year. Every
four years, a day is added to bring the calendar back into line with
the seasons. These years, called leap years, have 366 days. The extra
day is added to the end of February and occurs as February 29.

heh. Hope that's more information than you were looking for... (^_^)
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I am 75% sure it is 365 OR 366
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365 days or one Earth year.
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365.2199 days  give or take a few minutes correct me I dare you

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