What Are The Function Of The Following Parts Of Amphioxus: Notochord, Wheel Organ, Oral Hood, Vestibule, Atriopore, Ocelli, Velum And Velar Tentacles?


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Functions of the following:

A. Notochord- protects and support the dorsal nerve cord; serves as the major skeletal support throughout life
b. Wheel organ- draws food through the use of its cilia for digestion
c. Oral hood-serves as entrance and storage of food
d. Vestibule- I don't know
e. Atriopore- serves as exit passage of water
f. Ocelli- act as simple eyes to detect light
g. Velum- work as valve and filter; surrounds the mouth
h. Velar tentacles- prevent undesirable objects from entering the digestive cavity
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Well I can at least help you with one of those features. I'm not aware of the creature your talking about, but Ocelli are eyes which are found in other creatures too, like caterpillars. They aren't eyes as we would recognise them, infact they can only really detect changes in light intensity, rather than seeing objects. I'm not sure of the level of them in that particular creature, but that's a general overview of what ocelli are.

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