Can You Describe The Skeleton Of Amphioxus?


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Notochord is the most conspicuous skeletal structure in Amphioxus. It is a large cylindrical rod extending through out the whole length of the body. It lies ventral to nerve cord and dorsal to gut, between the right and left myomeres. It consists of fibrous and gelatinous cells that enable the notochord turgid and resistant. A thick layer of connective tissue called the notochord sheath surrounds the notochord.
A notochord extends up to the tip of the head; therefore, the class having Amphioxus is named cephalochordate.
Oral Hood:
The oral hood is supported by separate cartilaginous rod like pieces forming a jointed hoop. The number of these pieces is equal to the number of oral buccal cirri, which are supported by cartilaginous skeletal rods.
The dorsal fin is supported by a single row of fin rays while the ventral fin has a double row of these fin rays. The fin rays are formed of short rods of connective tissue, which contain a gelatinous substance.

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