Who Invented The Time?


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Time was not invented, at least not in the conventional sense. In fact,
time does not exist at all, not in any way. Time is merely a convention
of thought and conversation. If time actually existed, it could be
measured and quantified by something that cannot be suspended.
So what is "time?" Time is relativity. Someone says
"yesterday," and you think of time passing. However, yesterday isn't a
distance away from "now" that can be measured in an absolute that we
known as "time." Now is really simply here, and yesterday is the Earth
spinning. There is no one measure of time that is not dependent upon
motion or decay. There is only relativity -- the amount this moves in
relation to some standard of movement, such as a clock movement. For
example, "one hour" means what? It means 1/24th of a day, or 1/24th of
the earth's revolution from this position of the earth in relation to
the sun as compared to a previous or subsequent revolution.
If all the movement and radioactive decay in the universe were
to suddenly stop, including the rotation of electrons, the atomic
activity of stars, the revolution of moons and planets, the beating of
hearts, and the breathing of breaths.... If all this movement were to
suddenly stop, where would time be? In a motionless universe, would
there be such a thing as time? And how do we know for certain that the
entire universe didn't instantly freeze two moments ago, then sleep
motionlessly for an eternity, and then instantly thaw to find us
exactly here, thinking that only a second has passed?

We cannot know. We have no clocks that are not merely measures of relative motion. When motion stops, time...
The world is full of silliness created for the convenience of
communication and enterprise. The moment you need something to be real,
you risk falling into the illusion. The illusion serves a convenient
purpose. It need not be believed in though. In truth, the only thing
that exists is the imagination of God. That's not a belief. That's a
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I have just come to think about the morning, afternoon and another thing we call it is night, only us what we call humans put some thing to make sure of control or social obiedience in the day, and the clock was invented by a female, who was into astology and all that, but she counted the what we call hours on to her fingers and her and toes, then to reach 24 she counted her limbs, if it were a bloke he would of of included his willy, that would make a longer day, 25, she wached the moonandsun
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The concept of time is one which has perhaps been in existence ever since mankind began to evolve. Time is mentioned in the first book of the bible with the world being created in 6 days and the Lord resting on the seventh. But time precedes this, and has always been measured, whether by marking the changes of the moon or the tides of the sea.

Time featured within both Egyptian and Roman civilisations, but some Stone Age cave paintings indicate that seasons were already being monitored and recorded. Time would have been important to people even in those times, in order to know when to sow, nurture and then harvest crops.

The Romans are generally credited with dividing up time as we know it today and they had sundials depicting hours and they regulated days and months as well as years.

However each civilisation, no matter how remote and uncivilised will have had some means of measuring time, even if the time was measured in different units, so no single culture or epoch can take absolute credit for 'inventing' time.
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On planet earth time is relative to human recognizition of the difference of day and night or light and dark, along with the observation of movement of this world in relative motion with other perceived celestial motion
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The first time teller was invented by the Romans so some people say. It was called the sundial, but for a fact, the sundial had to face North. And so the answer to your question is indeed another question, who invented the compass rose? And the 4 different directions of the Earth.
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No Body Invented Time, but in this world there's an old saying: Time is not for you, but against you, Because the fallen Angel's have capacity of each and every Human being, and they only have a short time, and then there will be eternity, infinite or endless time...
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Nobody invented time. Its just a concept . Days turn into nights . There are 24 hours in a day. That's all I got.

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Ok, time has always existed but who decided how long a second is and why divide the day into 24hours?
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I think time was discovered, and the discover is known to be dead but he is still alive and traveling in the imaginary river of time.
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Nobody really. Somebody was smart enough to use big boulders and the shadow that came off of the rock in the middle of the circle from the sun would face #1 rock or maybe #2 rock throughout 12 rocks and whatever # rock it was on is what time it is
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I did haha I'm that sweet. NO one invented it it just is what it is

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