Human Anatomy: Which Body Parts Sweats The Most? A- Hands, B- Head, C- Feet D- Armpits


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Naturally(at rest or under strain/work conditions) or with clothes and shoes on. I would say feet when shoes are on because the feet are constantly working to hold the body up when standing /walking/running. But the most noticeable at least on me is my head.(at eye level when others are looking at me).
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If the feet sweat the most, why doesn't johnson and johnson market feet deoderant/anti-persperant?
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Believe it or not they do. Dr oz showed how to use anti- perspirant on extremely sweaty smelly feet as a quick fix. The other fix is to have the sweat glands lasered.
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The armpits have the most sweat glands so that should be the answer, however I wear a fishing
hat constantly and my forehead sweats most, D, is correct.
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D, is the medically accepted answer. Armpits have the largest number of sweat glads, how ever various condtion's from clothing placement to weather or genetics can play a large roll in individual sweating patterns :-)
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I would think the arm pits, waxing or shaving helps females but that to me would be the sweatest part of the body......the best to you
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My answer is D - Armpits.
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Sorry to come to the party late, had to wash my feet, they were sweating too much, and had to put on some toe jam deodorant. ^_^ lol

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