What Are The Benefits Of Selective Breeding?


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In selective breeding where the traits are all well established and the type or breed is uniform ,for example pedigree dog breeds, the benefit /advantage  is in knowing what the offspring will look like ,act like and what shape and size it will be.
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That is a really good answer but it is no use to me so ya know maybe find me a better answer for the question as my cwork has to be handed in by next friday
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Stepho, Have you never heard of the word please? ?I quess not! Selective breeding gives mankind animals and crops that he ,man ,desires and not nature. Man decides what mates with what and produces offspring that he man considers superior. ( But many are not superior in my book! I e, pedigree dogs inbuild breed specific diseases) But farmers and breeders call it beneficial to produce crops etc that are bigger,breed quicker ,breed all year round etc. It is also called artificial selection.

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