How Does The Way We Perceive The World Influence Our Thought Process?


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There is no doubt that the way we perceive the world influences our thought processes.  The two extremes that have the most effects are:  Either we view the world as friendly or hostile.
These views are directly related to our socialization circumstances, the social ethos and our own experiences.  For those who have been lucky enough to have a "mostly normal" family life and develop a healthy sense of self, they may understand that there are dangers in the world but are also able to view its beauty and opportunities and will think in positive terms.  For those who begin life in a hostile environment where dysfunction and erratic behavior are more the norm, they will be more likely to view the world as hostile and will develop resistant patterns and negative thoughts.

The social ethos plays a big part in the development of positive or negative thought processes.  Here experiences play a big part. The ability to form relationships is a big factor and our thought processes are the driving force.  If the social ethos reflects a lack of compassion or there is a great deal of incivility in social interaction, the thoughts of rejection begin to impinge upon authentic projections of self and many times actual suppression of self.  
The sense of being accepted as one's self is linked to freedom of expression and acceptance by others.  If the perception of the world leads one to believe that there are only winners or losers and this is tied more to financial success more than character, it can certainly lead thoughts into precarious ways of obtaining success rather than finding one's own path through an honest and heartfelt endeavor.

Another factor includes how we perceive role models.  The current attitude toward sensationalism and fictitious beauty is creating many problems for our youth.  The thoughts that one's body should be perfect is not only creating health issues, but is also diminishing the time that could be spent in learning or introspection of self required to determine long-term values.

To think clearly is a wonderful achievement.  It is linked to knowledge, a sense of self and to values.  It demands time away from noise and busyness and requires the development of a world view that is positive, has connections to reality and can forgo past bad experiences and move on.  We are what we think!

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