Is Sulfur Poisonous Or Dangerous To Humans?


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Elemental Sulfur is Non-Toxic to humans. It is a powerful antibiotic and anti-fungal. Most antibiotics are sulfur these days. Organic farmers use it as a pesticide because it's non-toxic. Sulfur does have a catharsis effect if enough is taken internally and can cause sensitivity to sunlight. Sulfur is also an excellent topical anti-biotic, coagulating agent, and anti-fungal.When sulfur gets whet it creates a gas that smells like "rotten eggs", which, actually rotten eggs smell like sulfur gas. The gas can be poisonous and it can burn your eyes and lungs if you inhale too much of it...   so I recommend not breathing moistened sulfur.Some farmers use salt-licks with sulfur. It keeps the animals healthy and keeps bacteria, ticks, lice, etc from attacking the animals.sulfur is non-toxic to humans, although I wouldn't recommend eating more than 1 gram of it. It will make your eyes dry, so drink lots of water. It works wonderfully on razor burn, cuts, scrapes, skinned knees, and for trimming animal toenails (if they bleed). It can also be burned and used for fumigation, however the smoke will burn your nose/lungs.
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Yes sulphur is a poisonous matter and it is considered as embodiment of fire, and related to lightning. Sulphur is widely used in making important fuel in pyrotechnic mixtures which shows that it has some lightening characteristics. Even the gas of sulphur is very dangerous. Moreover, it is poisonous and it is also used in the manufacturing of explosive materials.

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