Is Boron Dangerous? , ( Explosive, Radioactive , Poisonous)


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Boron is a brown/black metalloid never found as a free element on Earth. In some respects it is similar to carbon in the way it bonds with other elements. Boron is an essential nutrient, but may be toxic to plants in large concentrations in the soil.

It is not explosive.

Enriched boron 10B is used in radiation control in nuclear reactors. It is good at capturing thermal neutrons, which cause fission of the boron into lithium and short-range alpha particles. The latter have uses in certain medical radiation procedures. Depleted boron 11B is used to help radiation-harden semiconductors used in space electronics.

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No,Boron is sometimes dangerous.
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You could trip on a brick of it, burn yourself if you touch a hot piece of it. What else do you have in mind?
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Boron is the answer

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