What Is Haiti Most Known For?


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Haiti is famous for its voodoo practice
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Haiti is a first slave colony in the world which became independent by beated Napoleon troops, and declared Independence in the end of 19th century.
They were main producers of sugar cane, and after Independence (because they didn't know how to run a country - it was slaves runned by slaves...) they exported mahagony... When they cutted off almost all the forrest a rural arreas were litteraly destroyed and people started to migrate to cities (actually a city: Capital Port au Prince) where they built slams from mud and erosed stones. That's why the floods few yrs. Ago left so dramatic conseqences.
In '90-ties Haiti became most known aas the poorest (and dangerous for travellers) country of the western hemisfere.
After this earthquaqe I have serious doubts about the future of this country - because they valute is wortheless and most of the people lived only of the money sent by huge (nut mostly illegal) emigration in USA, when I was there in January 2007 the traders were standing at the noon sun and selling all kinds of drugs and medicines from a big plastic bag: Inside were vitamins, oral contraceptives, antibyotics, steroides, liver cleaners, nytrogliceryne, insuline....
In front of the building of National Bank of Haity (state bank) women were selling bananas and coconuts, but just accros the street infront of Western union were standing two very serious Rambo-styled men with shot guns in their hands...
So try to picture that :(

sorry for a spelling errors, itzs 8 am, and I' ve beenvtyping (not in English, but still  tiping) since 10.30 pm....

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