What Is The Capital Of Haiti?


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The capital of Haiti is Port-au-prince. Haiti is a country situated in West Indies. This country acquires the western part of the island Hispaniola. It shares the area with Dominican Republic towards the east. The estimated area that Haiti covers is around 10,695 square miles; in other words it spreads around 27,700 square kilometres. The estimated population of people residing in this area is considered to be 8,528,000 as recorded in the year 2005 by the census. The survey indicates that the mostly the residence in this area are African- European or off African off-spring. The people staying in this area normally speak French or Haitian Creole. If you explore this area you will find that majority of the people belongs to Christianity comprising Roman Catholic, Protestant or Vodou sects. The currency of Haiti is "Gourde". The area is mostly covered by mountainous region.
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Port Au Prince

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