How To Provide Active Support And Place The Preference And Best Interest Of Individuals At The Centre Of Everything You Do, Whilst Enabling Them To Take Responsibility And Make And Communicate Their Own Decision About Dealing With Challenging Behavior?


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All humanity is linked in one great chain. Laws are codified to ensure fairness and justice for all, and personal responsibility is taught from an early age at local, national and international levels.

Communication, especially in this age of hyper information and a wide array of opinions on all things great and small, is paramount to the way the world works, and so considerable thought must be made in one’s everyday actions and words. Rather than being entirely selfless, one must go out of one’s way to share experiences and wisdom with someone else, and stimulating their own interests and relationships.

Conversations in both formal and informal settings help to plan aims and goals, asking open questions rather than closed ones which encourage debate and discussion, and remain as passive as possible and neutral in responses, giving conciliatory noises ("mm” and "ah” are just two). Acting in one’s best interest is crucial to personal happiness and development to be an upstanding member of a community; the last thing you want is unnecessary complications which could cause stress and strain.

Challenging behaviour includes stubborn people who are unwilling to communicate, people who have dependency issues with alcohol, depressants or stimulants, and people who lack something in their lives and personality. By outlining potential places where someone can improve, including painting an image of a golden future without the encumbrance of their current problems, something might happen within the soul or mind of someone and steps can be taken to amend the psyche.

Perhaps you can suggest some professional treatment as well as opening up to friends and family, reminding them that only they can change. Think of it as learning a guitar; the chords are all there, it’s just up to you how to play them, or think of life as a story or a stage with all the characters self-narrated and influenced by forces beyond the narrator’s control. The best one can do is latch on the all the things one can latch on to, including the self.
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How To Provide Active Support And Place The Preference And Best Interest Of Individuals At The Centre Of Everything You do

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