Where Is The Mariana Trench Located?


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The Mariana Trench is located at the floor of northern Pacific Ocean and lies to the south and to the east of the Mariana Islands near a place called Guam. Its exact longitudinal and latitudinal location is 11°21′N 142°12′E. The Marinana Trench is considered to be the deepest place in the Earth's crust.
It is the place where two of the tectonic plates, the Phillipine and the Pacific plate meet. The deepest point in the Mariana trench is the Challenger Deep which is said to be 35,838 feet and 10,923 meters deep. The depth of the trench was first measured in the year 1951 by the Challenger which was a Royal navy vessel.
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The Marianas Trench is located in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean floor, with all kinds of Fluorescent fish. (produce their own light). Deepest Trench. Near the Mariana Islands.

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