What Is The Climate Of Stromboli Island?


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Stromboli is a small Aeolian island near Italy. Aeolian Islands is a volcanic archipelago situated to the north of Sicily. Stromboli is found in the Tyrrhenian Sea and holds an active volcano. The Greek name Στρογγυλή (Stroŋgull) was distorted to form the name 'Stromboli'. The name is peculiar to its round and swollen structure.

Stromboli is situated at 924 mt above sea level. The peak located at 2000 mt above the ocean floor holds three active craters. The volcano is active and explosive. Eruptions are observed almost every week. The pattern of eruptions has not changed for the last 2000 years. The explosions range from mild to moderate and period can vary from a few minutes to hours. The summit crater eruptions usually throw out incandescent lava fragments and lasts for a few seconds. Large eruptions are observed in a period some years to decades.

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