What Is The Definition Of Humid Climate?


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The air is moist and humid climate, abundant rainfall as the main features of the climate type. In the Köppen climate classification, A, C, D categories were yes. Natural vegetation of the forest. Although agriculture, seasonal drought, but water is still enough to ensure a one-year cooked needs. China mostly moisture "as a humid climate, 0.66 to 1.0 for the semi-humid climate. It was also scheduled for the annual precipitation of 400 ~ 800 mm for semi-humid climate, 800 ~ 1600 millimeters and humid climate, "1600 millimeters of wet weather.
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Their may not be a definition of , humid climate, but I could break it down and come up with my own answer, humid is pretty much a high precipitation or realy moist and climate is various temperatures like tropical, cold, hot ect. And it also has to do with certain locations temperature. So my answer is it means a wet area or moist temperature. I may be wrong there could be a definition, I just used my common knowledge of what I know since I plan on being a meteorologist. Hope it helps. ("") (-_-) ("")

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