How To Make Working Model Of Conservation Of Energy?


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To make a working model of conservation of energy you will need to do the following:

  • Make a propane wheel
  • Attach piping to six containers
  • You should create a circle with the containers
  • The bottom of the container at any given time should be in water
  • Fill three containers with propane

You will need propane, six containers, some piping, a way to make an air tight seal and a tank of warm water.

The first thing you need to do is pair up the six containers with piping so that flow can happen between them. Basically you want things to flow from one container to another at any given time. Thus, two containers should be hooked up so they are opposite with each other.

You then need to put the groupings into a circle and mount them on a stand so that the wheel can turn. As the wheel turns the containers will hit water being slightly immersed and then the next containers will go into the water. The use of warm water and propane are what allow the device to move.

This is just one model of conservation of energy. You are conserving energy because the propane is unable to leak out, except to move into the other container and back again. There is no energy to be leaked so the device can continue to spin.

This type of contraption could be used as a water wheel or as something else entirely, but it does at least show the concept of conservation of energy.

Most individuals use copper piping so that they can weld them together for a better seal. You also want caulking to make certain the containers are sealed. If anything is not sealed the model is not going to work and therefore it will not spin to show the energy conservation.

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