Can You Get Poison Ivy Through The Air?


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No, not just from breathing in close to a live plant in the wild. Poison Ivy is a poisonous plant which grows predominantly in North America and is most commonly known for its production of a dangerous liquid which can cause a nasty rash in a majority of people who touch it. The reaction is caused by a 'poisonous' sap; the reaction occurs when the body comes into contact with this sap. The exception to this, however, is if Poison Ivy is burned and the smoke then inhaled. The inhaled fumes with make the rash appear on the lining of the lungs and causing excruciating pain and respiratory problems which could result in death. If Poison Ivy is eaten, it has a similar effect to being inhaled in that it causes the same damage to the mouth and digestive tract as with the lungs. A Poison Ivy rash usually develops within a week of exposure and can last anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on severity and treatment. In rare cases, even just external bodily contact may require hospitalization.

A majority of those who come into contact with Poison Ivy will react in some way to it, although it is suggested that between 20 and 30 per cent of people will experience no reaction at all. There is currently no known reason for this apparent resistance. There are many different potential treatments to consider. Most treatments though, have drawbacks. Some take a long time to work, or can be very expensive. Others can have severe side effects. For example prednisone can have side effects that are worse than the symptons of exposure to poison ivy, including nausea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, joint pain, dizziness etc.
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You can also get it from something as simple as a fly that has been crawling on the leaves.  You can also get it from the clothing of someone who has been in it and from clothing that has been stored for many months that has come into contact with the plant.
Some people are just mildly affected by poison ivy or oak and others (my daughter is one) are in very serious trouble when they get anywhere around it.  Be careful!!
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I think it can because I just have to be down wind from it and I will break out so I don't go into the woods very often.  I'm real sensative to it. The answer is YES !
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Yes you can. There was a patch of it in my old backyard and when my mom cut the grass it would get into the air and I would get it.  It was really bad I had to go to the hospital because everything was swelling up and I couldn't open my eyes or breath correctly.  I use to get it every year but have never touched it.  You can also get it from skin to skin contact.
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Poison Ivy does not have spores. It has an oil called urishol that causes the allergic reaction. DO not burn poison ivy, oak or sumac as it can vaporize the oils and you can breathe them in. This can cause severe lung problems. Cutting it down is ok, but maybe try a woody plant herbicide instead.
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Yes, you can.  If you burn poison ivy to get rid of it, the smoke will carry the plant's oil through the air.  I you walk through the smoke, you can then come down with a case of poison ivy poisoning.
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Poison ivy rash develops when a person touches the oily substance oozing out of a poison ivy. That oil contains urushiol and about 70% people are allergic to it. You have to come in contact with this substance to get the rash and other symptoms weather this contact is direct or passive. Being near a burning poison ivy, touching things [clothes, animals etc] that have been in contact with poison ivy can cause symptoms. Just walking by the plant wouldn't hurt because the rash doesn't spread through the spores.
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No but I've had very severe cases and I have a mild case right now you guys don't know how much terrible memories I have of it ohhhhhohohohhoo my freaking brother gave me this one I am so mad and I wish that this stupid plant should have never been on this planet.
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Usually, not. I am sure more likely probably not. I believe you have to touch it. Most people don't know what it is and they touch the plant and get it that way. Good luck, if you have symptoms of it, call your doctor or get checked out.
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Yes you can get poison ivy through the air. I cut the grass and there must have been a patch of it in the grass and I got a horrible breakout of it over my face and upper body. HORRIBLE!
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Only through contact with the plant or some other object (ie. Golf ball) that has touched the plant.

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