Why Does South Africa Only Have 3 Capitals?


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Each province does have a capital (9), but there are three state capitals. Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria.
The story goes that when South Africa became a union (a single state), three cities were competing to be the capital. But there was much disagreement between the Boers (people controlling the republics in the North) and the Empire (the British controlling the Cape Colony), so they chose Cape Town as the Seat of Parliament, Bloemfontein as the Seat of the Court of Appeal, and Pretoria as the Administrative capital.
Some argue that Johannesburg should be the Constitutional Capital, because it is the seat of the highest court - but Pretoria is regarded as the main capital internationally.

It's a bit weird, though. Pretoria and Johannesburg are both in Gauteng, but Pretoria is the nation's de facto capital, while Johannesburg is Gauteng's provincial capital.

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