What Is The Function Of The Vocal Cords In The Human Body?


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The function of vocal cords in the human body enable us to talk, laugh, sing, hum,whisper, cough,and sneeze vocally.
I can't imagine living without these capabilities, and yet some people do, due to illness or conditions which involve the vocal cords.
They can be compared to a harp or other stringed instruments, which vibrate at different frequencies to produce different tones and sounds, which emerge from the throat were the vocal cords, or voice box, as it is sometimes called, are located.The human vocal chords are truly the most amazing instument and can produce millions of different sounds with the aid of the tongue and palate. The masters of this instrument, who practice voice projection, are opera singers.
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Actually, the vocal cord is muscular projections in the wall of the larynx that cause a humming sound which we can turn in to speech by using our tongue, lips, etc..
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They cause vibrations in the air coming out of your lungs.  Then your mouth, tongue, and nose modulate that vibrating column of air into sounds that you recognize as speech.
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Basically, by exhaling air from the lungs through the vocal cords. As these change shape, it causes the air release to make a noise (imagine blowing through a pipe or a flute). The vocal cords change shape to alter the resonance (frequency) or the turbulence of the sound, and thus what we hear.

There's a sensitive feedback mechanism with the brain, so that we can vary the sound very slightly as needed.

The more air you push through, the louder the sound, although we can also use our vocal cords to make the sounds deeper (deep sounds are louder) or to project the sound without shouting (an important skill for stage actors).

Our lips, tongue and mouth come into speech sounds, too. People born with badly deformed mouths often have great trouble speaking. A condition called verbal dyspraxia is diagnosed in children who literally cannot (without therapy) coordinate their tongues and mouths well enough to make speech sounds clear.

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