Is Majorca A Country Or An Island Near Spain?


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Majorca is the name of an Island located in Spain. It's the largest island from the chain of islands which are located on Mediterranean Sea.

Majorca is very popular among the tourists. Tour operator stated organized trips for tourists to Majorca in 1952. Majorca was the name given to this island by foreigners who used to visit over here, while it is also known by other name Mallorca that is the local name of Majorca.

The island of Majorca has its own capital known as Palma. More then half of Majorca population lives in this city, as Majorca's best restaurants, shops and the best lively art culture.

Administration of Majorca Island is divided into many municipalities with two major languages spoken in Majorca these are Spanish and Mallorquin. Mallorquin – a version of Catalan language is most widely spoken language in Majorca. People of Majorca and lively and very friendly with strangers, and feel pleasure and proud when a foreigner speaks to them in Spanish or Catalan.

Majorca has produced many famous personalities like:

Ramon Llull: a very famous writer and philosopher.
Antonio Maura y Montaner: Elected as Prime Ministers of Majorca for tow times.

Majorca has ,2400 restaurants. Other famous places to visit in Majorca are Bellver Castle, Santueri Castle , Palma Cathedral, Cuber Lake.

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