What Is The Purpose Of Investigation?


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The word investigation is defined as the process or act of investigation something, but this word can be applied to a lot of different fields such as:

• In medicine the word investigation could refer to a clinical trial of a drug or medicine.
• In law, a workplace investigation is conducted when an allegation is made about regarding misconduct in a workplace.
• Investigation could also refer to a discovery or research in the scientific field.
• Investigation can also refer to the work of a detective or private investigator, in the field of law enforcement.

In the medical field, an investigation may occur when a new drug, medicine or method of treatment is released for testing. This will usually involve trying the new method of drug on patients (with their consent) to see if positive effects can be seen.

In a business or company, a workplace investigation may be called for in certain circumstances such as:

• A questionable situation is reported by an employee, but they are reluctant to take it further.
• An employee commits or is suspected of committing misconduct.
• The behavior, morale or performance of any employee declines without explanation.
• A complaint or grievance is filed.
• A rule is violated.

The main goal of a workplace investigation is to uncover the truth and produce documentation that can be used the management to make informed decisions regarding the misconduct. An investigation should also reveal exactly what has gone on and what can be done to resolve it.

If a crime has been committed, then detectives and police forces will usually be called in to examine evidences, speak to witnesses and possible suspects to see if they can get to the bottom of the crime.

Private investigators are usually hired to find out information about certain people.
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To find an answer.

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