What Is The Purpose Of Written Communication?


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  • Purpose
Written communication aims to inform someone of something in a way that they are able to read and understand the message, with an intention of responding to it. In some cases the only way you can communicate certain information is via written communication. This could be the case in certain aspects of a job, such as a statement of an incident and so on. You could also consider that story telling in novels is a way of written communication because even though the words are fictitious they are still communicating a particular narrative.

  • What makes it coherent?
If a form of written communication cannot be understood by the recipient then the message may well as not exist. In order to write a piece of information that can be understood clearly you need to have the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. In addition, depending on the form of written communication you need to make sure you use the right format. For example, if you are writing a letter you need to ensure you are using the appropriate format.

  • Why?
Written communication is prevalent in everyday life because it is not simply the case of writing down a message on a piece of paper. Nowadays we use written communication constantly in the form of email, text messages, online chats, social networking and so on. It has become an integral part of communicating with people around us.
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Sometimes  people  can  communicate
more  better  with  written communication
than  to  actually  talk  to  someone  over
the  phone  or   talk  to  someone in person
Sometime  people  with  high anxiety  can
only  commuincate  with  written  communication
Also  written  commmunication  helps  you  to
write  down   your  thoughts  and   how  you
feel  about  things
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Written communication can express your ideas more sincerely,I think.

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