Can Communication Affect Childrens Behaviour?


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Karl Sagan answered

You know, a lot of things affect a child's behavior. I could not establish communication with my child before. The child behaved very badly and did not listen to what I was saying. And fortunately, I came across an article after reading which I ordered a good behavior chart. Thanks to this, my child began to behave much better at school and at home.

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Sylvia Bilodeau answered is really important for kids to learn how to communicate effectively... When a child is not able to communicate needs wants or feelings than they are much more prone to display negative behaviours. If you do not communicate with a child at their level than they are not going to be able to mature on schedule.... Verbal communication is not the only kind of communication...they also need to learn what an angry person looks like ect. And they need to be able to identify their own feelings... Communication is a huge factor in a childs developing mind.

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