Can Communication Difficulties Affect Behaviour?


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Communication is key in today's society, and a lack of it can definitely have an effect on people of all ages. Children who for whatever reason have communication problems are much more likely to have temper tantrums, become withdrawn, and suffer from a lack of confidence. The same symptoms can also be seen in adults and a proper diagnosis by a doctor is needed to fix the problem in most cases.

Most children that are diagnosed with learning disabilities often have some form of communication problem. Hearing problems are often the root of the problem as well as a lack of ability to effectively communicate via speech or writing. 

Another common communication problem that can directly affect behavior is the inability to understand. There are many people out there who use the context and situation to make sense of things rather than listening to the actual word being used. This can lead to confusion and frustration. Abstract concepts can also be hard for many people to grasp and can easily lead to frustration over not getting the intended message. Many people need information given to them in simple sentences so the message is not misunderstood.

If you or someone you know has communication problems that are adversely affecting their lives there are a few things you can do. If you are communicating with a person with communication problems it is imperative to make sure you are communicating in a way that they can understand. Use simple words and sentence structures and get an affirmation from them every so often so make sure they are understanding the intended message. If you have a child with obvious communication problems it is important to have them checked by a doctor for any potential hearing problems or any other physical problems that could be the root cause of the problem.
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The answer of your question is in positive. Yes certainly difficulties in communication affect our behavior. There are chances that the problems and difficulties which we're facing in communication would affect our behavior on different levels. For example if we are facing just a slight problem in our communication then we get a little disturb while if we're facing some serious problem in communicating our message to someone then it can cause really a high level of irritation. For example if you're telling something to someone and he/she is not listening it attentively then in this case you'll be outrageous very soon. So this is the best example of affecting our behavior by the communication difficulties.

So you easily understand from the example and the explanation given above that communication difficulties and problems which we face during communicating our messages they can cause disturbance, harm and irritation in our behavior and attitude. I hope this answer is enough for you to understand how communication difficulties affect our behavior. Thanks for asking such a nice question. Keep asking.
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If a child cannot explain certain things to his/her satisfaction (and if there is pressure from an adult or child) it can cause the child to possibly not share as often and possibly get frustrated easily. This can cause them to think that people don't understand and that they aren't being listened to. And it can also cause them to feel that it is too hard to deal with and want to run away from situations that could be talked out. It is important to give them all the support they need during this time helping them to relax and share to the best of their ability... asking them questions along the way to challenge them approach the subject in a different way which may make it increasingly easier to express themselves verbally. Keeping communication open and hassle free will help to alleviate these issues.
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Absolutely, look at toddlers, just learning. When they can not be understood or can't understand, it makes them cranky and unhappy.
Lot's of people don't get that, and they punish the child's behavior. If people can not understand or communicate, then social and cultural differences may cause assumptions, and misunderstandings. People often act out, according to their opinions, assumptions, and such. Often it creates mistrust and hostility.
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A good form of communication with a child is through play. Through play you can increase the childs ability to express his or herself. Drawing pictures together and telling stories are good vehicles for learning and it will help increase the childs vocabulary and reduce frustration. Some children can communicate better using pictures and words together. A simple example is to show a montage of foodstuffs and they can point out what they want to eat. Of course get them to say the words as they could get lazy and just point to things. As for tempers, try playing physical games and this will tire them out quicker and also make them more suscetable to work with them on their vocabulary skills.
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Definitely it can, this is because  Behavior can definitely affect communication. There are chances that the problems and difficulties which we are facing in communication would affect our behaviour on different levels.  For example if you’re telling something to someone and he/she is not listening you will be outrageous very quickly. So this is an example of the way it affects behaviour by communication difficulties.

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