How Can Different Kinds Of Communication Affect An Individual?


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suman kumar answered
Communication plays a very vital part in an individual's life.Individuals having good communication skill always prosper in life
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Vikash Swaroop answered
Communication is vital for the survival of human being and if he is not able to communicate well, his thoughts get cloistered and it is detrimental to the overall confidence of the person. You can better understand the phenomenon with a simple example. If you go to a country where you are a stranger and no one over there knows your language, nor do you have any idea about their languages, if it happens that you are forced to stay there for a long period and as you have no body to talk to, all your thoughts will have an impact only on yourself and these impacts will have severe repercussions on your health; in some of these circumstances you can have psychological problems also.

There are some other issues also that affect individuals and most of them are related to the personality of the person and the effect is certainly an adverse one. So save yourself from this adverse impact and communicate well.

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