Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work?


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Without effective communication, businesses and other work would be extremely difficult to coordinate and make successful. Communication is integral to all parts of a business and is an essential skill for workers who want to be proactive and do well. Effective communication affects aspects of work on an intra-office, managerial, customer and community level. How these different aspects are affected is studied below.

• Intra-office. It is essential that there is good and effective communication taking place within the office. Daily tasks will only be successful with smooth transfers of information between departments and people. An effective communication network will reduce the amount of delays that occur when retrieving information and can stop companies from missing any deadlines.
• Managerial. In order for employees to develop within their role, there must be effective communication between the manager and the staff. This will help keep a positive morale amongst the employees and improve the quality of their work. Staff that do not feel as if they have good communication with their managers may not be as efficient with their work.
• Customer. To gain a customer's loyalty, companies must have effective communication with their consumers. With the vast amount of social media marketing available through the internet, there are plenty of ways that companies can interact with their customers on a more personal level. The availability of customer service advisors will encourage a helpful and positive reputation of the company.
• Community. Effective communication within the community is a role often assigned to the Personal Relations department. It is their job to ensure that the company has a positive image and that any issues within the community are addressed directly. Communication of the company's donations to charity or involvement in community causes should be done quickly and effectively. This works both ways as any negativity that arises within the community should be dealt with effectively and truthfully, keeping the communication with customers strong at all times.

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