What Advantages Might A Socialist System Have In Responding To The Needs Of People Struck By An Emergency Situation Like The Earthquake That Occurred In Haiti In January, 2010?


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A socialist society is more likely to have immediate and controlled impact on an emergency situation like the ones suffered in recent years throughout the world.  Socialist societies are base in the good of the nation and the human needs of the people making them more efficient in regrouping and reorganizing their efforts.  In these societies, each person has a role to play and they know what it is.  There is no guess, no waiting for leadership, all but eliminating the flailing about of aimless masses unsure of what to do. 

In the US, many of us have socialist views and tendencies, but only in emergency situations that we choose to be moved by.  Meaning, when we are moved emotionally by the plight of another group or individual, we will act in the best interest of that belief.  On a daily basis however, the mentality of number one; each individual trying their best to engorge on as much wealth or possessions as they can obtain, rarely see that our own actions impact others around us in a negative way, yet we still demand courtesies in traffic or in a line? 

While socialist societies may be better prepared in practices and ideologies to assist in disaster situations, they rarely have access to the pure mass of resources that the capitalist societies provide when they are so moved to act.  On an individual or global level, there are different ideals for people of this planet.  Each of the differing societies has its strengths and weaknesses; the trick to a healthy peace is to work together playing to our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses.
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A Socialist system would be advantageous because as a socialist system the government would be the one in distributing goods and services to  the people ensuring that everyone will be able to receive assistance.  Left to a capitalist system or a communist system it would not do well in an emergency since in a capitalist system only those who have will be able to receive whilst in a communist system the government would keep the main benefits to themselves and supply meager portions to those who are in need.
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It may not have any since it is not a capitalistic structured economy it may not have the financial resources to provide immediate emergency assistance should such an event occur.

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