Will The Price Of Scrap Copper Go Up?


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At the moment, the price of scrap copper per 100 kg is remaining relatively constant at around £683. However, there have been slight fluctuations in this price in recent days. There is no certain way of knowing if the price of scrap copper will go up, as it really depends on what the demand will be in the weeks and months to come. What we can do is look at the trends of recent prices.

For example, if prices were to rise from £400 to £550 over a 60-day period, we could speculate that the cost of 100 kg of scrap copper would continue to rise based on the market trends. Of course, many market speculators who deal in this commodity as well as currencies can get their estimations wrong, and this is why relying on news sources may not always be in your best interests.

If you are beginning to deal in scrap copper on a regular basis, you will soon begin to develop your own opinions on the price of scrap copper. There may become a time when you are sceptical over whether or not prices can continue to rise, especially if other substitutable scrap metals are significantly cheaper per 100 kg and offering better value for money in an economic downturn.

Websites such as www.recycleinme.com/scrapresources/scrap-copper%20heavy__det offer graphs on the price of scrap copper over the past month. If you want up-to-date information on daily trading, and the chance to compile data over recent years, you may find that you’ll need to get a subscription to benefit from this specialist information. If dealing in scrap copper for recycling purposes is your livelihood, the right technical analysis could save you a pretty penny on your next big deal.
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Scrap Copper was at a High of around $4 per pound but recently is down around $3.25 depending on the grade of scrap metal.  Scrap copper is reportedly expected to again go up to the $ 4 per pound mark.  Check pricing online at Scrap Metal Copper Prices
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It's already going up. It's on the news and every thing. X
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can you tell me where you are reading this from? I have checked yahoo and msn but see nothing about it. And the reason that I ask is because everywhere that I call the price has dropped. thanks
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Due to the current events the copper price is going up rapidly
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This will always depend on several variables. The answer for today could be different than the answer tomorrow.

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