What Is The Market Price Per Oz For Scrap Copper?


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Currently, the average price per pound of scrap copper is around $1.267 USD, meaning that the average price for scrap copper in the United States currently stands at around $20.272 USD. This price is applicable to the whole of North America.

Scrap copper is valuable, and there are many places that you can find this commodity to profit from it. The metal is surprisingly versatile, and this is why it is sought after so intensely. It is often sold as scrap, as the act of recovering old copper can be recycled is a great way to make cash and anybody can do it. Scrap copper can be found in many places, but you just need to know the most common locations to ensure you are successful. The first place to start looking is in your own house. Household fittings like pipes and plumbing fixtures are often made of copper, meaning that any unused or old pipes that have been left when you’ve had work done on the house could be sold on for a good amount of cash!

Remodelling the house can be expensive, so make use of the high copper prices today. Other appliances in the household can be great sources, too. If you have any old electrical appliances, then you can take them apart and take the copper away from them. These appliances might be washing machines, microwaves, tumble dryers and much more, as they all contain electrical wiring and coils that are made from copper. Try and avoid refrigerators and air conditioners, however, as these can contain chemical gasses that will be released when you take them apart. As long as you are careful, there is the chance to benefit from a good level of supplementary income.
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My son is in the scrap business in Florida. He says that with his business it depends on where you go to sell it. It also depends on how clean, "pure" it is. He gets $3.90 a pound. Guess you could call around in your area to find the best price.
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Scrap copper is sold (or bought) by the lb. Not oz.
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The current market average price for per lbs for scrap copper is around USD 1.267. This price is applicable to the entire North America.

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