Where To Find Scrap Price's Per Pound In Va, Metal Copper All This Good Stuff?


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Prices for scrap metal and copper can change quite frequently and can vary from scrap yard to scrap yard. Therefore the best advice would be to locate your nearest scrap metal yard which buys and sells metal and copper and enquire on what their current prices are.

In VA there are several good-sized scrap yards and so if you choose the one that is closest to your location and contact them by phone or turn up in person you should be able to find out what their rates are.

The main scrap metal yards located in VA are as follows:

Potomac Metals Sterling
45655 Woodland Road
Sterling, VA 20166
Tel 703-430-3667 Fax 703-430-6233

Potomac Metals Electronics
12188 Livingston Rd
Manassas, VA 20109
Tel 571-292-5772 Fax 571-292-5776

Potomac Metals Manassas
11900 Livingston Rd - Suite 165
Manassas, VA 20109
Tel 703-330-3444 Fax 703-330-9278

Potomac Metals Springfield
6619 Iron Place
Springfield, VA 22151
Tel 703-226-3716

Scrap metal has become very big business, and the rising values have lead to many criminals turning their hand to stealing a lot of valuable metal such as copper to quickly sell on. Therefore it is always worth checking exactly where the metal came from before you pay top dollar for it, as you could end up handling stolen goods which is liable to be confiscated and returned to the previous owner, leaving you out of pocket.

Like mentioned earlier, the prices are always changing and so to get the most accurate answer it is best to ask a scrap metal yard directly. If you are not happy with the prices they quote then it could be worth sitting on it for a while as the prices can change a fair bit in the matter of months, afterall commodity prices are reaching new heights every day on the back of demand from emerging economies such as China.
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Where can I take my scrap mental?  Where is the closes place to take it, like whashers, dryers, and refrigerators?
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Just need to know the rates on how much electrical copper wire is by the pound
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Price for scrap carbide
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Some current scrap metal prices for copper are as follows (these are ranges):

No.1 Heavy Scrap Copper  1.19   1.34  lbs  USD  
No.2 Scrap Copper  1.04   1.19  lbs  USD  
Beryllium Copper Scrap  0.82   0.97  lbs  USD  
Light Scrap Copper  0.89   1.04  lbs  USD  
No.1 Bare Bright Copper Wire  1.22   1.37  lbs  USD  
No.1 Copper Wire Scrap  1.16   1.31  lbs  USD  

please keep in mind that prices fluctuate on a daily basis and vary from region to region.

Source www.scrapmetalpricesandauctions.com

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