What Will Happen If We Have No Bones?


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We would be like peter griffen be stuck on the floor get realy dirty unabale to move and be a burden to every one and be nothing but a giant storage house of your own poo and also like peter be mentaly retarted due to the fact there is no protection around the brain and one little cut would cause deep infections and with out a spinal column thered be no movment cause our neveves would move out of place and be realy painful and because of that thered be some movemnt but not a lot plus we would probaly die with in the first few minutes from either heart brain liver kidney stomach and every other type of orgain failure a few seconds of pain if were lucky ow and your eyes would be dangeln on some skin in other words youd be very much useless and still feel every thing so you sucky way to die
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I guess if we have no bones then we will no longer can walk and do all our daily stuff, am I right?? :)
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No bones...we would be a blob of flesh and muscle.
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Then we would be a lumpy not strong enough to do anything.
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We will be like the worms and be like scooby doo if he's wet

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