What Will Happen If We Dont Protect Our Planet?


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We should green our planet!

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there! As inhabitants of this planet, it’s logical enough to realise that we are
to protect the land that bears us and each other. However, most of us seem to
have lost the values needed and we hence spend our times polluting and
destroying for personal needs! The results of our deeds can already be seen!
Climate change, natural calamities and conflicts are all due to our lack of
devotion towards our planet!

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We will probably all die, hopefully out of fairness just humans primarily. The planet will rebuild itself I am pretty confident.
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It would be like living in a giant dumpster and would affect our health so much that we would all die so please help and take care of your enviorment
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Our planet would turn into a dung-fesses ball with nothing but bugs living on it.   Seesee

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