How Long Does It Take Neptune To Make 1 ROTATION?


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Its sidereal rotation period (day) is roughly 16.11 hours. Since its axial tilt is comparable to the Earth's, the variation in the length of its day over the course of its long year is not any more extreme.  Because Neptune is not a solid body, its atmosphere undergoes differential rotation. The wide equatorial zone rotates with a period of about 18 hours, which is slower than the 16.1-hour rotation of the planet's magnetic field. By contrast, the reverse is true for the polar regions where the rotation period is 12 hours. This differential rotation is the most pronounced of any planet in the Solar System, and it results in strong latitudinal wind shear.
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It take neptune 16 hrs 6 min and 36 sec haha to you "genus" it is called math, books and the internet.
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18 hours completely

Trust me it is true


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16 Hours 6 Minutes 36 Seconds - approximately (!)
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199 hrs 14 min  and 3 seconds

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