Which Is The Deepest Body Of Water In The World?


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The deepest water body in the world is the Pacific Ocean. It has an average depth of 12,925 feet which is the equivalent of 2 1/2 miles which is the greatest of all oceans. It also houses the deepest point on the Earth's crust; known as the Mariana Trench. The Trench is said to be 35,840 feet deep and could submerge even the world's highest mountain. The Pacific is also the world's biggest ocean and occupies about 1/3 of the entire earth's surface and has the capacity to engulf the entire land mass of the 7 continent as well as another African continent. It was given its name by famous 006xploreer Ferdinand Magellan who called it Mare Pacificum which means 'peaceful sea'. As of now, the Pacific Ocean is reducing in size due to the various plate tectonics that are taking place miles below the surface of the Earth. The Atlantic Ocean on the other hand is growing in size.
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The pacific ocean
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It is the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific at a place called Challenger Deep.
It is 6.8 miles (10,902 meters, or 35,768 feet) deep. On 5-31-09 a robot submersible
named Nereus traveled to the bottom to take samples and video.
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