What Happens To The Body When It Does Not Get The Water It Needs?


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Our bodies contain seventy percent of water, thus it is very essential medically and clinically to have at least eight glasses of water daily. However, if one person fails to have enough water, he or she can end up with having a dehydrated body that is when the water level in the body is extremely low.

In most of the cases, people get dehydrated due to other factors such as vomiting or diarrhoea. Both of these can lead to extensive water and fluid loss in the body and hence resulting in dehydration.

Once a person gets dehydrated, his/her mouth becomes too dry. There is no urine and tear production and eyes become saggy and a person becomes very lethargic and lazy. Water contains all the minerals, calcium and other things which are required for a body to be alive and healthy. Also for good digestion, it is always suggested to have enough water. However, once a person gets dehydrated, the whole metabolism system also gets upset.

When a person does not get enough water, his/her blood pressure will be low and the heart beat is also very slow. So it is very important to have enough water if one wants to be healthy and fit in life.

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