Why Is There A Water Shortage?


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Though there are a number of reasons of water shortage but I think the major reason is the increasing population of the world. With increase in population, the demand of water in various sectors also increases like industrial, agricultural and household consumption increases. According to a report of world bank, demand of water doubles after every 21 years. Therefore, with the period of time the demand of water is not equal to the pace of increasing population. Another very amazing report shows that since 1900, the demand of water has been increased by six folds. The estimated population of the world by 2050 is 9 billion according to UN projections.Therefore, population growth is the main reason for water shortage.

Moreover, global warming and climatic changes also have a great impact in water shortage on earth. The temperature of earth is increasing and because of this, ice rocks and snow packs are melting more rapidly. This is another alarming situation for us.

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