What Are The Effects Of Nuclear Pollution ?


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There are various effects of Nuclear pollution which is because of the production of uncontrolled radioactive material. First of all, it leaves contaminated waste which cannot be disposed off. Parks, and playgrounds are desolated from it because this pollution have a negative impact on plantation. The traditions which cause this pollution are also injurious to health and they can even cause death. When the radioactive material is shipped via water then it can also cause toxicity in water and we use the same water for various purposes. Nuclear pollution is another major cause of earth warming. In the world war ,the impact of nuclear pollution in Nagasaki and Hiroshima is very visible. Today in a number of regions of both of these cities of Japan, disabled babies are born. The reason for this abnormality is the effect of nuclear pollution, even after so many years.
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Effects that nuclear explosion has
1. Direct effect of a nuclear blast is damage to life and property. This explosion is most serious in places of higher altitude. The blast range increases with height gain.
2. The blast winds are much more powerful than a hurricane. So one can imagine the destruction that it can likely have.
3. A nuclear explosion releases large amounts of radioactive substance. This can cause damage to the eyes. The retina of the eye can either become blinded due to the intensity of the infra red rays or it can melt because of the high temperature release.
4. The tremendous heat output will result in burn injuries, both to the skin and to the skeletal system.
5. Gamma rays will cause metal wires to act as antennas and produce high voltage. This voltage will result in permanent damage of wires and electronic applications.
6. Earthquakes can occur as an aftermath to nuclear blasts. The pressure wave will travel from the underground to the area of explosion and cause a quake of great intensity.
7. It will result in the death of many living organisms. Those that survive will show symptoms of radioactive poisoning.
8. In the survivors, gene mutation will occur as a result of the radiation. This mutation will bring serious health hazards for the future generations.
9. The explosion will have negative impact on the environment and the atmosphere.
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Well that depends on which nuclear pollution you are talking about. Such as nuclear waste it causes bacteria to build up and atomic bombs cause it to make an huge explosion that makes a huge mushroom cloud.

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