What Effect Does Pollution On Animals Of The Sea?


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Animals or marine animals are highly affected by the industrial pollution which is discharged into the rivers and seas. The wastes include toxic materials which when go under the water emission certain poisonous reactions which pollutes the water in the oceans. The sea animal which is mostly affected by water pollution is 'fish'. Not only from industries but from the daily house holds, many of the toxic elements in the forms of insecticides, detergents, food processing wastes, etc. Are diffused daily in the sewerage system. When this dirty water goes into the lungs of sea animals, it creates negative implications; which is the main cause of death of many of the animals in the sea.
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As humans we have many abilities but we don't use them for the right reasons. We need to stop polluting our beautiful world and save god made creatures. Think if you were a creature like say a polar bear would you want to die because fish you eat are sick because of the polluted water they live I didnt think so. So spare beautiful animals life !!!!!
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Hello n hi.m,pollution of seas surely will effect the living organisms beneath the sea.the sea that had been contaminated by oil from the ship.,toxic from industries, had causing the composition of nutrients of the sea water to deflect from original.n the insecticides that been widely used in agriculture,flows through the river n then to the sea,causing the ph of water to drop from normal.both situation stated above, had effect the lives under the water.the marine life cannot get enough sunlight,because of the oil layers on the sea water surface,...
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