Why Is Transpiration Important For Plants?


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Transpiration is what happens when a plant obtains the carbon dioxide gas it needs from the air for photosynthesis.

It is the evaporation of water from plants, especially from the leaves, but also from the stems. It is important in cooling the plant and enabling the flow of mineral nutrients from its roots to its shoots.

The mass flow of these nutrients is caused by the decrease in the water pressure in the upper parts of the plant due to the loss of water into the atmosphere. The rate of transpiration is determined by whether the stomata are open or closed. The amount of water lost depends on a plant's size along with temperature, light intensity, wind speed and soil water supply.

An increase in temperature causes an increase in transpiration rate due to more water evaporating from the cell walls inside the leaf.
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Because transpiration is so important to the water transport in plants and thus plants take place photosynthesis and then grow.

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