Why Is Diffusion Important To Plants And Animals?


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Diffusion is very important for both the plants and the animals. The reason is that there are a number of processes which are being carried out by the living organisms and they include the application of diffusion.

In animals the process of diffusion is involved in the transfer of materials within the cells like transfer of food. When they breath-in, the oxygen is passed from lungs to all cells of the body through diffusion. Similarly, when cell excretes carbon dioxide then again it is diffused from cells to lungs through the process of diffusion. Diffusion is also important in excretory system of animals and human beings. For example, when the urine enters in the kidney then diffusion occurs and if body consumes low water then water is diffused back in the body and vice versa. There are a number of other examples which can explain the importance of diffusion in human body and animals.

In the case of plants, diffusion is the very important process because plants transfer food particles from phloem and water particles from xylem through the process of diffusion. They get carbon dioxide and release oxygen through diffusion. Photosynthesis also include diffusion in a number of steps. Moreover, roots absorb water and salts from the soil which is transferred from roots to leaves through the process of diffusion.

This all shows that diffusion is the most important process both for animals and the plants.
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In animal diffusion invovles in the where oxygen is passesfrom the lungs to the body,in the case of plant they need diffusion to transfer food and water
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The exchange of gases for example carbon intake and oxygen output for photosynthesis and oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output for respiration takes place by diffusion.
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Diffusion is important because it is how food and oxygen is distributed among the cell. 

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It helps them live

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