Is Nigeria A Developing Country Or And Underdeveloped Country?


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Most consider Nigeria to be a developing country. In fact, according to Citigroup, Nigeria is one of two Global Growth Generator countries among 11 countries in Africa. This was as of 2011 February.

In earlier years, such as the 70s, Nigeria was hindered in economic development by military rule, mismanagement, and corruption. Today there are certainly some well developed areas around the city centers; however, there are also some vastly undeveloped regions. The oil boom helped significantly to develop the city regions.

In the 2000s, Nigeria has managed to save itself from debt and profit with oil. At the moment it is the second largest economy in Africa behind South Africa. It is also the largest economy in West Africa.

Economy is not all that it takes to be a developed country: Access to water, sewage drainage, food, and shelter are also factors in a developed country. Many of these factors however, do depend on the strength of the country's economy. It means that these areas are definitely improving, but there are still some very poor areas where one might not feel the country is developed at all, but underdeveloped.

China is a good example of a country that is developing and yet underdeveloped in some regions. This example works perfectly to describe Nigeria, though Nigeria is on a smaller scale. The point is that there are regions where homes are still man-made huts reminiscent of earlier generations rather than homes in a developed country like the US or UK.

There are still tribes that move about Nigeria rather than live in a developed nation. The good news is that Nigeria is certainly developing, so while it is not a wholly developed nation, it is becoming better and better in most areas meaning that it is not a completely underdeveloped country.

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