What Are The Computer's Elements?


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Basically the elements of computer can be categorized in four broad categories, depending upon the similarities in their functions. The first element group is INPUT ELEMENTS of computers. These devices are those, through which data can be entered in the computer. For example, keyboard, mouse, microphone etc. The second group of elements include OUTPUT ELEMENTS, which include screen, speakers, printers, plotters and other mechanical devices. These are those elements through which the information can be accessed. The third type of element includes COMMUNICATION ELEMENTS, for example, modem. These are those elements through which computers can be connected with other devices and for communication purposes. Another group of elements is the BACKING STORAGE ELEMENTS, which includes Floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROMs etc. All these elements act as storage devices in computers.

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CPU is the heart of the computer which contains motherboard, CD-Rom and other important structures of computer like hard disk which is the memory device, RAM and sound card etc. The three main important components of computer include the memory control unit, the processor and data bus. These units help the computer to process the data. However, I am considering the elements of computers from physical point of view like which elements computer use to perform its functions. For the input data system, mouse and keyboard are used. Output of data can be viewed through Monitor, which is the computer screen. Moreover, speakers are used in the case of audible output and printer, in the case of printed output. All these elements together create a computer and make it workable.
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Three Main Elements!
Actually Mother board, Processor, Hard-Disk,RAM Etc...

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