What Does The Element Mercury Look Like?


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Mercury is one of few metals that is liquid when at or near room temperature.  Its consistency is water-like and it is silver in color.
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Mercury is a lot like our moon.It is grayish redish and could also be brown and yellow at times.
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Mercury is covered in craters...it look a lot like the moon but lacking of smooth.
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Mercury looks more or less like the Earth's moon. It is almost covered all over with craters and is seen as a barren thing. Usually few of the craters found around mercury are around 25 miles wide. Some where near the Polar Regions you also have some kind of ice formation happening.

Mercury is also very well known as the second smallest planet after Pluto. The mercury in comparison to the size of the earth is approximately 38 per cent of the diameter. The gravity level on the moon is much more less and hence if one has to walk in there one will definitely walk with every step being like a bounce. The mercury is approximately 1515 miles (2440 kilometres). It is approximately 36 million miles (57.9 million kilometres) away from the sun.
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Mercury is a planet in our solar system. It is the closest planet to the sun and is about 60% closer to the sun as compared to earth. While earth is at a distance of 93 million miles from the sun mercury is just 36 million miles away from the sun. Mercury is very similar in appearance to the Earth's moon. It is also comprised of craters and is barren like the moon.

Long cliffs and ice is also found on mercury. Ice is found because the temperature in mercury is very cold. Earlier it is the second smallest planet in the solar system after Pluto but as now Pluto is not considered as a planet, mercury has become the smallest planet in the solar system. It also has very low gravity and hence if astronauts tried walking on mercury then they would have a light bounce as it is seen in the moon.
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I agree with hey gay dude.looks like a good answr mayb it will help me with my science project...
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