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Norwich is a city in the county of Norfolk in England, and is the administrative headquarters of the county of Norfolk. It is located in the region of East Anglia in eastern England, and covers a total area of 39.02 square kilometres - being ranked 322nd in the country in terms of area.

According to a population census conducted in the year 2005, the population of Norwich is 127, 600, and it is ranked 149th in the country in terms of population.

The density of population of Norwich is 3, 270 persons per square kilometre, and about 96.8 per cent of the inhabitants of Norwich are white.

Norwich is the twin city of four other international cities, namely Rouen in France, Koblenz in Germany, Novi Sad in Serbia and El Viejo in Nicaragua.

Admiral Horatio Nelson was born in a town called Burnham Thorpe near Norwich, and attended the Norwich School for a year between 1767 and 1768.

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