Where Is Peterborough?


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Peterborough is located in the Eastern part of England in the county of Cambridge shire; it is famous for the Peterborough cathedral reminiscent of holidays Italy the land of the cathedrals, built way back in 1118 though there has been a cathedral on the site even before. The Peterborough Beer Festival is another notable event organized in the month of August and attended by more than 30,000 people; a must attend event for connoisseurs of beer. Another popular festival is the Willow festival a haven for rock and pop music lovers. The Peterborough hotels offer good service and are commited to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
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Peterborough is 118.6km north of the prime area of London and Charing Cross. River Nene which flows into the North Sea adorns the city of Peterborough. It is a cathedral city and the Unitary Authority of the Eastern England. Ceremonial purposes fall under the county of Cambridge shire.

The Wittering and Thorney are at the outskirts of Peterborough bordering Northampton shire, Lincolnshire and Cambridge shire. The population is estimated to be 168,000 and is a mix of varied races and communities. Almost 55 languages are spoken, major being English, Urdu, Polish, Gujarati, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Arabic.

The major places of interest in Peterborough are the 16 century Burghley House which lies near Stamford, the Longthorpe Tower, The Peterborough Cathedral and the Flag Fen which is a Bronze Age archaeological site dating back to the 10 century BC.
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I'm from peterborough  and I find it insulting that you don't no were it is lol jk

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